African-American Genealogy 101

African American Genealogy 101 will help you to trace your own family roots, gather family stories, organize information, archive family photos and documents, share your family tree with others, hold a family reunion, grow closer together, and unite your family through generations. There will be an overview of the steps to begin, what types of […]

Attaching Memories on FamilySearch

FamilySearch allows you to add memories such as stories, documents, photos or audio files and attach them to each family member’s records.  You can organize photos into albums and add titles, descriptions and events.  Adding memories like these will preserve your ancestors’ life stories and make them available for other family members to see.

DNA 101

This class will cover the fundamental concepts of human genetics with a view to understanding genetic distance, genetic linkage, centiMorgans, STRs and other new concepts.  From SNPs and centiMorgans to half-siblings and second cousins, see how DNA can help to light the way in family history research.  We will attempt to lay a foundation for […]

DNA 102

This class will continue with an explanation of how DNA matches can be used to identify common ancestry and solve family history puzzles.

Family History Scrapbooking

A great way to tell your family’s story is through photographs … and putting those photographs into scrapbooks will make them a much more interesting and entertaining way to share stories with other family members.  This class will demonstrate techniques and tools to help you assemble your photos into beautiful scrapbooks that your family will […]

Finding & Using Census Records

In the United States, a census has been taken every 10 years since 1790.  In addition, there are numerous state census records.  Indexes are now available that make census records one of the easiest ways to locate where your ancestors lived and when they lived there, as well as clarifying family relationships.  We will learn […]

Finding Your Ancestors with

Are you getting the most out of your membership? Come learn some searching secrets and “how to’s.” Ideas will be shared to help find those ever elusive ancestors. has some amazing new collections for us to explore.

Finding Your Ancestors with FamilySearch

Introduction to FamilySearch, from opening a free account to populating a Family Tree.  This is a hands-on lab and, as such, will be limited in size to a maximum of 15 participants.  Bring a laptop or other device, if you have one, and be prepared to actually work on your Tree.  It would be helpful […]

Finding Your German Ancestors I

This class is designed to help with beginning the search for your German ancestors. We will answer questions about German research: how to begin, what to look for, and where to go. You don’t need to speak German to find your family members in the records.  By retracing an immigrant’s footsteps, you will find a […]

Finding Your German Ancestors II

Now that you have found your way to Germany, what’s next?  This class will discuss the various places to look for records pertaining to your German ancestors.  It will help you take your research beyond vital statistics and build a picture of life before they emigrated.

High-Tech Ways to Tell Your Stories

In this class we will go over the basics of uploading, editing and arranging videos and photos into a seamless keepsake that can then be saved directly to your files or onto a DVD.  Learn how to add unique touches by including music, text and voice recordings.  We will be using Imovie software, so if […]

Hints & Tips for Solving Difficult Genealogy Problems

We will explore some hints and tips on how to break down brick walls and overcome obstacles to fill in gaps in your family history.  There are so many places to look you can hardly name them all.

Indexing Lab for Beginners

Volunteers all over the world assist others each day by preparing searchable digital indexes to historical and genealogical records.  The resulting indexes then become available on and are invaluable in making the records easily accessible for family historians.  We will learn the basics of Indexing … it is easy and you can work on […]


Tables will be set up in the Cultural Hall for everyone to gather for lunch. Conference attendees are welcome to bring their own lunch, get lunch at a nearby establishment, or pre-purchase lunch with their online registration (by March 23rd). Pre-purchased lunches will be available for pick-up at this time. Displays will be available to […]

Making Family History Fun

There’s a whole new world emerging from the “Genealogy” which required years of experience searching microfilm and visiting libraries and courthouses.  There is still no substitution for these “boots on the ground” researchers, but today, thanks to decades of such research combined with new technology, many of us find records of ancestors from hints and […]

Native American Resources

Barbara has been researching her own Cherokee roots for many years.  In this session, she will share her expertise and some tips and tricks for searching records for all tribes.

Open For Users

The Family History Center will be open and staffed during the afternoon (12:30 pm to 3:30 pm) for anyone who wants to come in to see what is available or for some one-on-one assistance.

Putting History Into Your Family’s Story

Bring your family’s story to life by adding context.  This class will help you find resources to learn more about what life was like for your ancestors. What was going on in the world, the country, and the area where they lived?  What did they wear?  What did they eat? How did they go about […]

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Sources Tell their Stories

Who were our ancestors? What did they do? Where did they do it? At a certain point in our family history, the story becomes lost except for the “papertrail” of records/sources that are left behind.  Many family stories can still be found within those sources, but it is imperative that once found, they not be […]

Story Telling Secrets and Tips

Everyone has a story worth telling and a life history worth preserving. Deborah Love Bradshaw will share tips that will help people preserve their legacy by writing a story that will engage and enthrall the reader.

Using DNA Painter & MyHeritage Tools to Solve Family Mysteries

DNA Painter is an easy-to-use tool that helps genealogists make sense of DNA test results.  By “mapping” segments of DNA to chromosomes, we can begin to see which ancestors gave us which pieces of DNA.  Using this free tool, we can discover how new DNA matches are related.

Welcome and Opening of the Conference

A wonderful way to start the conference, this special presentation of family history stories will inspire!