A Far Away Shore: Finding German Ancestors II

Now that you have found your way to Germany, what’s next? This class will discuss the various places to go to find records pertaining to your German ancestors. It will help you take your research beyond vital statistics and build a picture of life before they emigrated. Handout available for this class: 2019 German Research […]

African American Research 101 *

African American Genealogy 101 will help you trace your own family roots, gather family stories, organize information, archive family photos and documents, share your family tree with others, hold a family reunion, grow closer together, and unite your family through generations. There will be an overview of the steps to begin, what types of records […]

Attaching Memories in Family Search *

Digital Archiving for Beginners *

Organizing digital photos and documents can be confusing. Join Katlin Seagraves from Central Library’s Digital Literacy Lab as she covers best practices for organizing and storing your digital assets.

Family History for BUSY People *

Have you ever had the desire to do Family History but just didn’t know how you could fit one more thing into your busy schedule? With the technology we have today you no longer need to spend hours on end researching to do Family History. This course shows how to do Family History in short […]

Family History Fun for Families *

There’s a whole new world emerging in family history. In the past, “Genealogy” required years of experience searching microfilm and visiting libraries and courthouses. Thanks to decades of this “boots on the ground” research and technology, many of us can now find records of our ancestors online. Games and activities available online put more FUN […]


The Family History Center will be available for those who would like to visit and/or receive help with their family history.

Freedmen History and Genealogy

Delve into the fascinating history of the Muscogee Freedmen (Black Indians).  Ron Graham, a descendant of an original allotment recipient and Muscogee Nation citizens, will share his passion for the history and genealogy of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

From Shore To Shore: Finding German Ancestors I *

Answering questions about German research: how to begin, what to look for, and where to go. This class is designed to help with beginning your German research. You don’t need to speak German to find your German family members. By retracing an immigrant’s footsteps, you will find a way to bridge the gap between the […]

Hispanic Research (taught in English and Spanish)

Lee has significant experience helping others discover their family genealogy. In this class, Lee will work with those who attend the class to begin their research. The class will be taught in both English and Spanish. Handout available for this class: Hispanic Family History

I got my DNA test…now what?

Specifically addressing DNA testing through, this class will show you how to utilize your results in genealogical research.

Immigration Records for All U.S. Ports Of Entry

There is more to immigration records than the “New York, Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island).” This class will discuss that resource as well as a variety of other records that are available and where to find them. We will also review the many ports that your ancestors may have come […]

Indexing Lab for Beginners *

Amazed by all of the genealogical records that you can search through online? Thrilled by the amount of information that is easily available, saving you from searching through roll after roll of microfilm? Volunteers at are largely responsible for making these records available to you. Billions of other records still need to be indexed […]

LUNCH (Cultural Hall)

Seating is available in the Cultural Hall.  A boxed lunch may be ordered in advance but must be done before April 20.


Migration Trails: Tracing Their Paths

There were many factors that caused individuals and families to resettle in a new area or move to another country. In this class we will learn about factors that motivated relocation, as well as discuss some common paths of migration in the United States. Knowing more about migration trails can provide clues to where to […]

Native American Resources

Barbara has been researching her own Cherokee roots for many years.  In this session, she will share her expertise and some tips and tricks for searching records for all tribes.

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Online Legacies and Digital Estate Planning

Do you know how your priceless memories that are on your computer, email, social media accounts, and phone will be passed along to your loved ones? Join Katlin Seagraves from Central Library’s Digital Literacy Lab as she covers the five basics of digital estate planning.

Putting History into Your Family History *

Bring your family’s story to life by adding context. This class will help you find resources to learn more about what life was like for your ancestors. What was going on in the world, the country, and the area where they lived? What did they wear? What did they eat? How did they go about […]

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Sweden, Swedish Research, and Swedish Meatballs

Välkommen Now that we have your attention – this class will cover basic information, skills and terms needed to research Swedish records and how to navigate ArkivDigital – the Swedish genealogy program available in your home or in Family History Centers. Along with the basics of Swedish research we will address Swedish surnames, patronymic names, […]

There’s an App for That *

Through the Door at *

In this hands-on lab, you’ll be introduced to Cathy and Brandi will walk you through how to use this site, from opening a free account to populating a Family Tree. To get the most out of this session, come prepared with a little family information such as your parents’ and grandparents’ names and birthdates. […]

Untangling the Knots – Solving Problems and Resolving Duplicates in Family Search

This class will deal with what to do about those pesky knots that seem to pop up from time to time: how to find and resolve duplicate records for the same ancestor; what to do when Grandpa has 88 wives; and others. This is NOT a “solving brickwalls” presentation, but rather a class to teach […]

Using the “Big Four” Websites

The Big Four and a Couple More… This hour session will highlight the new features in FamilySearch, Find My Past, My Heritage, and, plus a couple more helpful tools family researchers may find helpful. Working with all the “Partners” can boost research and help break down brick walls. This class will touch briefly on […]

Welcome and Opening of the Conference

Come hear our keynote speaker, Kay Little.  Kay will be sharing the history of immigration in the United States, mostly through Ellis Island, using photos and artifacts. Find out the requirements for immigrants wanting to enter our country over 100 years ago. The story of the first immigrant to come through the new Ellis Island. […]